Small "b" blogging, - Writing for Small Networks

A lot of think about here, writing to develop your own thoughts, for a small, specific audience. I've almost intuitively been doing that, and now I have a name for it.

by Dave on Feb. 28, 2023, 8:35 p.m.

Somehow, I am following the right people on Mastodon. Found out about "Small b Blogging" by Tom Critchlow, and the way he talks about writing for yourself, to link back to your previous thoughts, and to help develop them, is basically what I have been doing. The idea of writing for a smaller, more specific community makes great sense to me. I am mostly writing for creative weirdos, who have insatiable curiosity, and love problem-solving, makers and artists who are trying to navigate the most recent iteration of social media. People who want to cultivate a community, and the act of writing is maybe the first step to creating that community.

I posted this in "Art an Making" but it also is relevant to my other pursuits, learning more and keeping up with the latest developments in Python programming for the web.