Weeknotes Art and Making Things January 16, 2022

Make what you feear! and a free to use, open source font for laser/cnc projects, and tips on designing laser projects with monoline type.

by Dave on Jan. 16, 2022, 4:32 p.m.

First off, time-sensitive content January 2022: Make what you fear challenge from the Working Hands Podcast. The idea is to stretch your creative wings and try a material or technique you haven’t done before. I am planning out an ambitious wind vane style metal sculpture that will require welding and tools I don’t have yet. The clock is ticking, I need to get started, I have a design and have researched materials. I was able to brainstorm some problem-solving with a group of excellent creative folks so I have some confidence it just might work!

Relief SingleLine is a versatile sans serif “single-line” font with open paths oriented towards CNC made at @isdat_type, see full credits.

After some quick searching I also found this post about monoline text for laser Monoline Text for Laser Cutting.

All good stuff I will need in the future as I get my CNC work surface flattened and back working!