Weeknotes Web Development and Programming January 23^h4, 2022

Escaping Wordpress with Wagtail, tests, and plotting.

by Dave on Jan. 24, 2022, 11:43 p.m.

The Wordpress to Wagtail Migration Kit is a great idea. Of course, it’s extendable so you can configure your specific mapping from Wordpress to Wagtail, which will never be a direct connection. Even if you don’t need to migrate a Wordpress site, it is a good example of the kind of code for a similar project.

Write Tests, Not too Many, Mostly Integration I like this sentiment, of course, you’ll need some unit tests, but tests that make sure the features your users actually use are working as expected, are the way to go.

Just found these Cheat Sheets for Observable Plot Javascript visualization library, and now I might need to learn what Observable Plot is. I haven’t looked into graphing/visualization libraries in a while. Here is an important point:

“You really want to avoid testing implementation details because it doesn’t give you very much confidence that your application is working and it slows you down when refactoring. You should very rarely have to change tests when you refactor code.”

I noticed I have a bunch of old unpublished weeknotes, I should review and post them next week.