Weeknotes Web Development July 18, 2021

Documentation and new and exciting ways to work with databases.

by Dave on July 18, 2021, 3:48 p.m.

Over the last year I started learning about Sphinx in anticipation of contributing to some open source project documentation, or writing for my own projects. Just found out about Furo theme. Still learning, and gotta get back on track with that project. Along the way I learned about MyST - Markedly Structured Text Markdown flavor for technical documentation which is possibly a simpler way to get structured docs.

I definitely need to checkout the dblab Terminal-based PostgreSQL and MySQL UI. Just using the default shells is quick but never the best solution.

Keeping up with the database topic, I know I’ll need djnago-postgres-extra “Bringing PostgreSQL features to Django ORM” one of these days. And while I am at it, I’ll probably need this technique for generating JSON directly from PostgreSQL first.