Weeknotes Web Development June 20, 2021

All the cool things I learned of this week, now I just need to pick one at a time to learn about.

by Dave on June 20, 2021, 4:38 p.m.

https://github.com/jamesturk/spatula spatula is a modern Python library for writing maintainable web scrapers.Provides built in handlers for common data formats including CSV, JSON, XML, PDF, and Excel. Or write your own.

The Django Documentation has a pretty good page on database query optimization https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/3.2/topics/db/optimization/

I just learned about https://tom-select.js.org/ and now I want to come up with a need for a tagging/select widget. It appears to do everything you would expect.

Another tool that sounds great, pyupgrade https://github.com/asottile/pyupgrade is a tool (and pre-commit hook) to automatically upgrade syntax for newer versions of the language.

Of course, there’s a turtle graphics module for Python. http://opentechschool.github.io/python-beginners/en/simple_drawing.html This leads me to a lot of cool ideas, such as, can I drive a CNC pen plotter with this. Can I build a physical turtle like the original and hook it up? I definitely can, and there’s a good chance someone else already tried it.

From there I also learned of PersuredPyBear https://ppb.dev/ a game/educational/simulation tool. With such a great name it has to be good.

I love how I keep accidentally running into the intersection of technology, education, and games.