Weeknotes Web Development May 30, 2021

Some real great info here on estimating software projects (or any project), Django template html formatting, and more!

by Dave on June 1, 2021, 11:37 a.m.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss lays out a detailed, yet achievable, project estimate technique that helps improve your estimation accuracy over time.

I found djhtml, a Django template indenter which can only help.

I finally found a clear simple path forward to redesigning this blog, with an actual system. First step a CSS theme using SASS/SCSS and processed using Django and Ptyhon with django-sass. I have used other build systems, and any time I can get away without using node and npm us a good day. It definitely helps that this is a personal project that should be fairly straightforward.

And the subject of this blog, I am using Wagtail and a little blogging system Peregrine and already contributed my first pull request!