Building Django-based web applications

Over 18 years of experience building custom web applications for business, education, and online stores

Developing interactive online learning materials for safety, security, and compliance.

My Work

Custom CRM System

My client, a merchandising services comapny, client required a custom CRM system to provide tracking information to their clients that required isolation between the client databases. I built a Django-based platform that allowed customization per-vendor, to roll out a standalone system with a consistent user interface for my client's salespeople.

Learning Management for Safety Compliance

My client required a unique solution for managing login and tracking of employee online training for their customers. A Django-based system that allowed for fast and easy login, and simple completion of training modules was developed. In general most learning management systems provide for too many options, making the systems cumbersome for smaller scale use. I was able to build an application-specific system that met the requirements with the least amount of complexity.

Web Application Programming Experience