Web Nerd

I build web applications with Django and PostgreSQL

I have over 18 years of experience building custom web applications for online communities, business, education, and online stores. Recently I have also developed interactive online learning materials for safety, security, and compliance.

Some examples

Custom CRM System

My client, a merchandising services comapny, client required a custom CRM system to provide tracking information to their clients that required isolation between the client databases. I built a Django-based platform that allowed customization per-vendor, to roll out a standalone system with a consistent user interface for my client's salespeople.

Learning Management for Safety Compliance

My client required a unique solution for managing login and tracking of employee online training for their customers. A Django-based system that allowed for fast and easy login, and simple completion of training modules was developed. In general most learning management systems provide for too many options, making the systems cumbersome for smaller scale use. I was able to build an application-specific system that met the requirements with the least amount of complexity.

H5P Stanalone - Django Integration

H5P is a standard for reusable, sharable learning content. I have been working to bring H5P support to Django-based projects for a while now, and I have found the easiest integration so far. The h5p-standalong project is a pure Javascript implementation. By adding the hooks for server-side content delivery and progress recording, we can focus on the parts that Django does best, and leave the Javascript to the h5p-standalone library.

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Experience Building Web-Based Applications and Learning Communities

For around 18 years I have been participating in the Open Source web development community, concentrating on back-end web development, including content management, knowledge sharing/management, and online learning communities.

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Hand-Drawn Type,
Web Design

DIY Printing Press Ideas and Resources

An overview of the do-it-yourself printing press ideas I have, and resources I have found, so far.

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Get started, keep going

The two things I have learned in my journey making art and other things, is you have to get started, and you have to keep going. I didn’t think I would get much out of art and maker self-help style books, but I found there’s definitely something in there that makes me think.

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Coyote is Open Source Software for Museums to Manage Image Descriptions

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) in Chicago, which has created an Open Source tool that seamlessly integrates image descriptions into its online platform.

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3D Printing,
and More


Kelsey Excelsior 5x8 Tabletop Printing Press

My friend wants to try replicating a tabletop press in wood for the shop class he teaches. Here’s the pictures I took to help him out.

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Problem Solving with 3D Printing

Inspired by another maker, I created a quick-release camera mount for a vintage tripod. Modeled in Fusion 360, sliced in Cura, and printed on my Ender 3 printer.

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Catskill Mountain Laser Ladle

At the Catskill Mountain Maker Camp I delivered a Laser Ladle to Jimmy Diresta to use with his plasma table.

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Learning about Learning Communities

Learning communities are the basis for collaborative and social online networks. The promise and potential of learning communities was imagined at the beginning of networked computing, and it still being fulfilled and expanded. The most recent learning community I participate in extensively is the online Maker community of people who like to make stuff. This can be anything from crafting, cooking, to welding, to shipbuilding. It’s all about sharing your passion for what you love to do.

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Maker Journey - Lifelong Curiousity

My Maker Journey is similar to many others. I have always been creative in one way or another. I have always been curious. As long as I can remember I have wanted to understand how and why things work.

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